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+94 76 9205305 | info@theglenrock.com

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Hidden amongst a mountainous farming village and nestled by the World’s End and Hagala Mountains, the glenrock rests on the banks of the Belihul Oya river.  With a handful of high end luxury suites and rooms, and a range of complimenting activities; a stay at the glenrock will leave you refreshed. With mind, body and soul rejuvenated; the natural surroundings of the hotel breathes new life into you. Our staff recommends a stay of at least two nights for the full ‘glenrock’ experience. the glenrock has a rating of 9.4 on booking.com and a perfect score of 5 on TripAdvisor.


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Browse through our portfolio of excursions on offer at the glenrock amidst the exquisite natural surroundings of the area and beyond.


Explore the range of in-hotel activities at the glenrock that will complement the splendor of your stay


available from July 2019

Healthy mind and body ensure arogya (good health). Good health not only brings forth longer life, but importantly a healthy longer life.  Living longer would be meaningful only if we are healthy enough to enjoy it. Arogya WELLNESS will help reset

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we are among the wealthiest in the world

Villages around the glenrock are home to mostly farmer families, enjoying the simple pleasures of life that money cannot buy, while leading a happy life in a happy village.

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