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+94 76 9205305 | info@theglenrock.com

If it is the quiet, peace and relaxation amongst the silence of nature you require or rather the adventure of venturing into the local countryside and discovering the ways of the SriLankan village you desire, what ever you plan to do during your stay at the glenrock, our activity guide is aimed at making sure make the most of your vacation with us!

The Belihuloya River

The Belihuloya cascading down a few meters below bordering the glenrock, is a place where most guests spend time sometimes indulging themselves in activities rarely available elsewhere in the world. For example, ‘ Fish therapy on the river’, a short swim in the ‘Natural pool on the river’ or a ‘Water therapy/massage in a ‘Natural Jacuzzi’ on the river (More details of each activity are given below). Originating in pristine nature reserve Horton Plains and cascading creating waterfalls such as ‘Baker’s Falls’, ‘Galagama Falls’ and many other small falls and thumping its way down through thousands of boulders in a stretch of over 4 km, waters of river Belihuloya reaches the valley called Ulugalathenna about 2000 meters below, where the glenrock is situated. It is this arduous journey that provides the greatest natural purification through a natural oxidizing process making it the purest by the time it reaches the glenrock . At the glenrock , our guests have the luxury to get the most soothing effect and relaxation to their body and soul free of charge through  the activities mentioned below.  

  • Available for use unless there is a severe dry spell or a torrential monsoonal rain (they have their own beauties, though) sometimes unpredictably experienced.
  • We advise you to check with the staff before you go for a river activity, especially in a rainy/overcast day as rains in the upper mountains could create flash water flows.

Natural Pool on the River


While the pool is not a huge one, it has a deep corner (6.5 feet) and a shallow area(around 4 feet) and ideal for a good dip to sooth your body and soul. Also a short swim is also possible.

Rock Lined Pool


Fed by the stream with natural water from the pristine untouched high mountains, this is a pool of a different kind and feel.  Revitalize your skin while you take a dip or enjoy a freshly made juice by the poolside!

Fish Therapy on The River


Experience Nature’s own acupuncture at the waters of the Belihuloya River and be greeted with the tingling sensation of red garra fish as they nibble at your feet and clean away dirt and impurities from your feet – The perfect way to relax tired feet after an adventurous day of hiking!

Therapy by The River

Sense, immerse and revitalize your mind, body and soul amidst therapeutic sounds of nature in luxury with our signature therapies. Our trained therapists, premium products and the unique therapeutic qualities of natural immersion work in concert to give you a transcending sensory experience. (Charges apply)

Browse the Library


Find the perfect spot to turn off and immerse yourself in literature or browse through the many books available at the lounge or you may spend the day in the comfort of your room and enjoy a range of movies available at the glenrock (DVDs and BluRays may be requested from the front office)

Star Gazing

A clear night time sky at the glenrock will reveal all the beauty the universe has to offer! Our 360 Deck gives you the perfect view for a night of Star Gazing!

Birds Watching

Try and spot some of the fine species of birds that make up the rich eco system of the area. Mark your discoveries in the birds of Sri Lanka book (available at the lounge)

Explore the Village

Explore the area and discover spots of natural and scenic beauty in their abundance or experience the simple lives of the villagers and discover the heart and soul of the Sri Lankan countryside!

From Field to Plate

Walk through our Organic garden and harvest the fresh fruits and veggies that make up your meal, or if you really want to work for your meal take part in the traditional methods of ploughing and harvesting rice – the glenrock way

Cooking Lessons

Learn how to cook village style Sri Lankan rice and curry from our experienced chef. And of course, enjoy the meal you cooked. Take home the skill and impress your friends/relations with such rare skill with a mouth watering meal. Cooking your own rice and curry meal (for two persons) -US$ 40  ** Not available if the kitchen/ staff is too busy

Tuk It Easy

Swerve through the roads of Belihuloya in our Tuk Tuk safari as you discover what the area has to offer! (Excursion charges apply)


If you are interested in fishing, we can provide you with a fishing rod, an assistant and transport to the lake which is about 10 km drive. Charges – $ 60 (per couple or family)

Village Tours