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A program conceptualized on Buddhism, Ayurvedha and Nature

Healthy mind and body ensure arogya (good health). Good health not only brings forth longer life, but  importantly a healthy longer life.  Living longer would be meaningful only if we are healthy enough to enjoy it.  Arogya WELLNESS will help reset the mind to its original resilience that we were born with, while strengthening the body’s natural healing prowess that will result in a longer happy life.       


A baby’s smile is so pure and genuine. Why? We are born with a clear and healthy mind. In other words, that is a mind not burdened with negativity . Nothingness( no negativity) is a state of mind with inner peace. Peaceful mind is happy and healthy. However, life’s journey soils such a beautiful mind in many ways.  For example, various fears, wrong values including lust for wealth and  fame  and various  ideologies burden the mind and suppress the born purity. 

Cleansing the mind 

At the glenrock, Buddhist dhamma discussions  based on Buddhist teachings such as Kalama Sutta, Chathurarya Sathya( Four Fold Truth) and Arya Ashtangika Marga( Eight Fold Path), backed by short and simple meditation sessions will help us cleanse our soiled minds so that we can regain the pureness of the mind we were born with. Arogya WELLNESS applies the practical aspects of Buddhist teachings Gautama Buddha applied assisting laymen solving their problems. Arogya WELLNESS utilizes such practical aspects as mind purification techniques at the glenrock.   


Unhealthy mind spews unhappy thoughts. Thoughts are a result of  a bio chemical  process within the body. Depending on the thought, good or bad chemicals( hormones etc) are released inside the body.  Bad chemicals cause body ill. Cleansing the mind will stop further damage to the body. Also, good chemicals released by good thoughts from a pure mind will help maintain the body’s born healing powers powered by healthy body organs.  Cleansing the body Arogya WELLNESS treats damage already done through chemicals released from bad thoughts as well as damage done through wear and tear and ageing process. Ayurvedic physicians at the glenrock will go through your medical history, examine you and treat you accordingly in the following manner. However, Arogya WELLNESS will not use extreme treatments in line with the middle path (majjama patipada) teachings of Guatama Buddha. Gautama Buddha used experimented extreme methods such as aththakilamathanu yoga(self-mortification) and extreme pleasure (kamasukallikanu yoga) and concluded that  majjamapatipada( middle path) is the right approach. In line with that, Ayurvedic physicians at Arogya WELLNESS  do not therefore prescribe extensive applications of Ayurveda such as pancha karma as such treatments could well mean extreme to the foreign guest’s body and mind( different to the South Asian), resulting in damage rather than healing.     

  1. Food with medicinal values will be prescribed that will be provided at the glenrock ( eg. Cancer preventing food such as Anoda and Manioc, Akkapana for kidney diseases and purification). Unless the Ayurveda physician may restrict some food items from our normal food habits during the treatment period ,  will not prescribe drastic  food changes as sudden and few days of drastic changes could shock our internal mechanism and create more damage to the organs and the system. Extreme approaches could worsen your health instead of improving.  Therefore, Arogya WELLNESS will only introduce certain local food supplements with medicinal values to your normal food habits. Traditional medicine will also be given in right measure to cure already existing illnesses and also to negate health complications in the making inside the body  and waiting to surface  in time to come.

  2. Pains and niggles will be treated with  therapies at our spa using indigenous oils and concoctions

  3. Daily short/long walks as per the individual needs through the mountainous village and nature trails inhaling freshest air

  4. Short and simple Yoga sessions ( as mentioned we do not recommend rigourous approach to avoid harm that can be inflicted by extreme)

  5. Short and simple Meditation sessions

Living Proof

Unsophisticated lifestyle based on the teachings of Gautama Buddha has given the glenrock  villager a pure mind. Simple pleasures of life(crispy fresh air, pristine water, healthy food, comfortable temperatures, natural work outs) in abundance in their own surroundings keep their body healthy. Pure mind and healthy body brings forth happiness.  Santhustin Paraman Dhanan Happiness is the ultimate wealth so said Gautama Buddha. the glenrock village community you meet during your stay at the glenrock is simply the living proof of the Glenrock WELLNESS Program.  

Arogya Parama labha             –             Santhushtin paraman dhanan

Belihuloya people
Belihuloya people
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