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With time tested traditional village practices such as Ayurveda based Sinhalese Traditional Medical Treatments (Hela Vedakama), age old mind resilience optimizing techniques and natural therapies, Arogya WELLNESS is the beginning of your journey to longevity with good health and happiness.


Living longer is meaningful if only we are happy enough and healthy enough to enjoy it. Using simple practices that has worked from time immemorial for the traditional Sri Lankan villager, the glenrock Arogya WELLNESS helps reset your mind to its born resilience, while Village Herbal Medicinal Organic Delicacies prescribed by the Hela Vedaduru (Village Sinhalese Physician) works on your system repairing as well as rejuvenating your body in and out with meditation, yoga, natural therapies, working hand in hand. The natural healing prowess of the immunity system so strengthened, you are well on course to the destination ‘longevity with good health’, when you leave the glenrock.


A new born baby has a serene smile, so pure like a Clean White Cloth. We all are born with such purity and Inner Peace. As we grow up, dirt in the form of myths, fears, wrong values, wrong thinking, wrong social and cultural beliefs, taboos, dogmas and ideologies soil such a Clean White Cloth. Such dirt particles trigger electro chemical reactions in the Nervous System resulting in bitterness, anger, sorrow, negativity etc and all such bad feelings add up to unhappiness.

Cleansing the Mind

The effect is Unhappiness and the cause is Wrong Thoughts.  Through Dhamma discussion, Arogya WELLNESS work with you in regaining the original resilience of the mind you were born with coaching you to find your way to Right Thoughts (Samma Sankappa).   Buddhism per se is not a religion as Instead of promoting worshipping or blind following, Gautama Buddha showed the path to Inner Peace through right thinking (‘Samma Ditti’) (The supreme form in this process is The Enlightenment(‘Nirvana’) or Total Bliss that is achievable through monasticism).   Read More



Depending on the thought, good or bad, our organs releases good or bad chemicals such as hormones.  Bad chemicals make the body sick. Therefore, physical activities, therapies, good food and medicine alone cannot give us a healthy body.  Arogya WELLNESS accordingly works on many  fronts in reaching the goal.

  1. Mind On Body – Creating a happy and healthy mind (details are given above) ensures good chemical secretion, which gives the curing effect on the already damaged system in addition to minimizing further damage.
  2. Hela Vedaduru (Village Sinhalese Physician) – Village herbal medicinal organic garden-fresh food items prescribed by our Hela Vedaduru (Village Sinhalese Physician) will be turned in to delicacies by our able chefs and village ladies. (Scientific information on the effects of the medicinal properties of such food and how they work on your system will be given) – Read More
    1. Healing Spa – Spa therapies with village herbs, medicinal oils and techniques prescribed by Hela Vedaduru (Village Sinhalese Physician) work physically on the damage done through physical wear and tear as well as bad chemicals. Such therapies work as preventive treatments as well by strengthening muscles, tissues, organs and skin. The sound and the sight therapy our valued guest will get at our Healing Spa set amidst nature by the river will give you a holistic therapeutic experience, you probably can only be experienced at the glenrock.  
    2. Natural Therapies as a cure for Nature Deficit Disorder Read More Short/long walks as prescribed by the Hela Vedaduru through the mountainous village and nature trails inhaling the freshest air on earth, cooling freshwater bath, water therapy on the river, natural fish therapy, empowering mind through relaxation amidst nature( on the river, by the river, inside lush greenery, within the village),  bird/butterfly/lizard/monkey watching,   cook your own medicinal meal, working in the farm, visiting the village school and ancient cave temple and doing nothing amidst nature( let the nature heal you) 
    3. Simple Yoga and meditation sessions ( Rigorous ‘feel hard’ extreme methods are not applied in line with the Gautama Buddha’s teaching ‘Majjamapatipada’( Middle Path – Read More


‘Happiness is the ultimate wealth’ ( Santhushtin paraman Dhanan)

– Gautama Buddha

kehel kole bath
kehel kole bath

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Three- night program – Learning the techniques – While there will only be a basic curing and preventive effect , this short program will however give you the knowledge and the training you can take home and practice

Ten-night program – Curing the mind and the body with long term effects and learning the techniques you can take home and practice with confidence

Per person $ 150 per day on top of the BB room rate

Food Prescription for a Sample Guest Vegan( As prescribed by Hela Vedaduru based on the medical history and the medical check-up of the guest)


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