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Bambarakanda to Ohiya Via Devil’s Staircase

The Devil’s Staircase is an almost 10 km route from the Horton Plains road in Ohiya going down through tea estates beautiful landscapes and terrains to Bambarakanda . This route is famous for being a forward route with its craggy twists and turns earning its rather frightening name. It is a wonderful trek with breathtaking views of the Southern plains of Sri Lanka and its main attraction, the Bambarakanda falls (263 meters), the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The trail that spans from Ohiya to Bambarakanda falls and is considered one of the most scenic routes in Sri Lanka.

The two most popular points on the route is the “V cut”, a channel cut through the hill to allow the road to pass through. You will come across this after entering the Udaweriya estate.

Passing this, the road will go across a stream which create the tallest fall in the country, the Bambarakanda Falls.

Suggested Schedule

  • Leave the glenrock – 6.00 am by vehicle
  • Reach Bambarakanda falls at 7.00 am
  • Viewing Bambarakanda falls (40 minutes)
  • Bambarakanda falls to Ohiya (10 km trek – 4 hour duration) – starts 7.40 am
  • Leaving Ohiya for the glenrock – 12.00 pm
  • Reach the glenrock – 2.00 pm

Transport Charges

  • The hotel can connect you to a local third party transport providers. They need at least two day prior notice. However, they may sometimes be available on demand.
  • US$ 85 (up to 2 persons) , (3-5 persons US$ 120)If more distance is travelled than 130 km, additional charges apply US$ 0.55 per extra km
If you need a guide from the glenrock
  • Travel by your own vehicle free of charge
  • Above charge includes, per km rate charge, waiting charge and difficult route charge
  • Government and other charges (park entrance fee for guests, vehicle and driver etc. are not included in the above charge).
  • If you are to go through the route of a jungle a guide is needed or if you are to travel on normal path no guide will be required. You will be picked up by the vehicle along the way