+94 76 9205305 | info@theglenrock.com
+94 76 9205305 | info@theglenrock.com
a taste of tradition

Dining at the glenrock is both a private and personalised experience. With each meal being an extension of our hospitality and relationship with our guest. Our cuisines are prepared with passion and fire or a calm and humility – reflections of our traditions to cater to your tastebuds! 

the glenrock’s “Peella side” restaurant sits on the top of the main lobby and features an open kitchen and a commanding view of the surrounding mountain ranges and the soothing gush of the Belihuloya river below. Watch your meal take shape with food sourced fresh from our in house organic garden and local farmers. Watch the fruits of our labour transform into a wholesale experience.


Lit by the heavens, feast on an all you can eat BBQ spread featuring the finest cuts of meats – accompanied by a wine of your choice, salads and pasta


The Subtleties of a sparkling breakfast picnic on the rocks of the Belihuloya River is a dining experience second to none. Discover, create and excite your taste buds with flavours of your own making while you awaken yourself to the taste adventures of a new day. 


A candlelight dinner is the silence of nature can spell only one thing for you and your special one. Dine with the backdrop of the wild and enjoy the succulent flavours of a delicately prepared meal complemented by the fine vintage.


Breakfast at the glenrock; a most picturesque time! Watch the morning mist fade away as the sunlight seeps through the mountains as our breakfast spread brings out the best of you on a new day!


A cultural affair of Streaming Rice with an array of delectable and colourful curries that makes every mouthful a memory, an experience, and a taste of tradition.


Illuminate the end of a day of adventure with the intimate conversations and snug cuisine that draws the flavours of the world to your plate!