+94 76 9205305 | info@theglenrock.com
+94 76 9205305 | info@theglenrock.com


Giving the guest a unique nature experience with real value is at the heart of the glenrock commitment. That is reflected all over our concept and approach. For example, the glenrock has even taken a challenging financial decision to limit itself only to ten rooms to prevent human presence from disturbing the nature experience the glenrock offers.

The value expectation of a nature lover is a complete contrast to that of a business traveller or city hotel luxury seeker. the glenrock therefore is a destination and should not be treated as a transit hotel. As given on this page, the guest should spend ideally two full days (three nights) or at least one full day ( two nights) to experience the hotel and the village alone as a relaxing holiday is not a one on the run. Many guests stays even more than five days using the glenrock as the base for many popular day excursions or up to twelve days if wellness program is to be experienced.

We recommend that you do a thorough research through this page, the whole website and tripadvisor reviews etc before making the reservation so that you will be informed enough to correctly determine the right accommodation type, activities of your choice and the length of the stay accordingly.

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