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Happiness is wealth

The villages around the glenrock are home to mostly farming families who live a simple life enjoying the pleasures of life that money simply cannot buy – unpolluted air, comfortable temperatures all year round, fresh and pristine natural spring water, fresh vegetables and a natural work out offered by their daily duties.

Gautama Buddha preached ‘Santhushtin paraman dhanan’ (Happiness is the ultimate wealth) and that is clearly reflected in villager. They are amongst the wealthiest in the world as they enjoy what most people have to pay large amounts of money to get using air purifiers, air conditioners, bottled water, organic farm produce, gym memberships and so on…


There nevertheless, are shortcomings the village faces. Low income from agriculture and the lack of quality and essential education for children are two salient problems. While unexpected bad weather conditions sometimes results in crop failures, the years when a good harvest is collected the middleman always eats in to most of the farmer’s profit. Saving for retirement and for preparing for emergencies such as crop failures, and providing children with a protein rich diet (which is rather expensive especially in such rural areas) is not possible due to the lack of money the average farmer in the area earns.

Except for one, all buildings in the village school of Ihala Galagama or Upper Rock Village are either beyond repair or in an unsafe and unstable condition. As a result most classes are held outdoors under the shade of trees. Once again rains, winds, and the afternoon heat render outdoor classes unviable

As a result most classes are held outdoors under the shade of trees. Once again rains, winds, and the afternoon heat render outdoor classes nonviable.

The lack of a proper income and proper facilities for education are two things that prompt the villagers to consider leaving the village for the city to look for better income and better education for their children..

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The change in the making

The glenrock is slowly but steadily contributes to reduce the negative impact on these two areas so that the villager can stay in the happy village.

On the income front

the glenrockpurchases farm fresh vegetables, fruits and rice from the village farmer and pays them at the city food store retail price. the glenrock always give priority to the immediate village or nearby villages when hiring which reflects in the employee composition ( over 75% of employees are from the local area). Also, local third party transport providers are given priority when guests requests transport from the hotel.

This enables the villager save money they otherwise have to spend on transport, city lodgings, clothes, food and various other bills and expenses associated with city living. Also, money earned are spent at village boutiques and on local public and private transport services. Also the time saved is used to generate more income through part time farming done. Such income possibilities keeping the father with the family saves a social cost too as a happy family setting generates happy kids and also hardly leave room for marital complications too.

On the education front

Many guests to the glenrock have volunteered to help the school. Students from Cottey College from the USA who stayed at the glenrock in March 2018, colour washed the school walls and provided stationery materials to the children during their visit through the funds they had raised.

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The Big picture

the glenrock has thus been a catalyst for the development of the village. A happy village would not put pressure on the country and the world as a whole, as self-satisfied and self-sustaining village will not put pressure on city accommodation needs, transport, highways, fossil fuel burning and many such areas.

Moreover, since Sri Lanka is burdened with heavy foreign debt, earnings through our valued foreign guests have an added value to Sri Lanka and her people in two main ways. Firstly, the glenrock villager does not add to the foreign debt and secondly and most importantly the glenrock contributes to pay off the foreign debts by providing foreign currency to the government.

the glenrock is positive that along with its growth, it can help keep villagers in the happy village by increasing their income and improving the education facilities for children. Value additions such as organic farming, facilitations on road developments, facilitation in other activities such eye clinics, eye glass donations, assistance in up keeping places of worship and providing aid to specific individuals in hardship have been carried out by the glenrock. The hotel will always be at the forefront and will continue to speed up the mentioned social change.

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Guest and the Happy Village

a guest at the glenrock alone contributes to the glenrockcause of making a happier village. Going beyond the stay , the guest can contribute directly to the development of the village through

the glenrock in its Arogya WELLNESS program ( starting from 01 December 2018) will facilitate volunteering to contribute to making the said Happier Village as part of Wellness Activities Program.

The guests at the glenrock may contribute to donate to assist the Ancient Cave Temple and school development work. Please speak to our staff about that.

School building fund – Since the school is in need of a building to house the children , constructing a building with ten classrooms are being planned at a cost around. US$ 20,000 (Rs. 25 million rupees). A guest who stayed at the glenrock is already working on it from his home country and we look forward to making it a reality in the future.

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Enrich all

the glenrock is a concept that enriches all , the guest, the villager, the employee and the country.

For the investor who is a professional with wide exposure to the world, the glenrock is not a business, but a lifestyle that gives him spiritual enrichment.

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