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About the river

The river Belihuloya is indeed a wonder of nature, with its cascading flow and cooling waters. Originating from Horton Plains, it thuds itself down passing Baker’s Falls and Galagama Falls” 4 KM before reaching Belihuloya river, and further travels down 2000M to Ulugalathenna. The river is in its purest by the time it reaches Belihuloya after going through a natural oxidizing process


Cooling waters to soothe your soul

The river Belihuloya flowing down few meters below bordering the glenrock, is a place most guests spend longer time, sometimes days indulging themselves in activities rarely available naturally anywhere in the world. For example, ‘ Fish therapy on the river’, a dip or a short swim in the ‘Natural pool on the river’ or a ‘Water therapy/ massage in a ‘Natural Jacuzzi’ on the river( More details of each activity are given below).

Originating in pristine nature reserve Horton Plains and cascading through waterfalls such as ‘Baker’s Falls’, ‘Galagama Falls’ and many other small falls and thumping its way down through thousands of boulders in a stretch of over 4 km , waters of river Belihuloya reaches the valley called Ulugalathenna about 2000 meters below, where the glenrock is situated. It is this arduous journey that provides the greatest natural purification through a natural oxidizing process making it the purest by the time it reaches the glenrock .
At the glenrock , our guests have the luxury to get the most soothing effect and relaxation to their body and soul free of charge through the activities mentioned below.

* Available for use unless there is a severe dry spell or a torrential monsoonal rain(they have their own beauties, though) sometimes unpredictably experienced.
* We advise you to check with the staff before you go for a river activity, especially on rainy/overcast day as rains in the upper mountains could create flash water flows.


Rock Lined Pool by the Restaurant

Fed by a stream with natural water from the pristine untouched high mountains, this is a pool of a different kind and feel. Amaze your skin with chlorine free freshest natural water. The more you indulge yourself in such medicinal water, the more your skin will glow, the more your body and soul be healed.

Read a book

Relax on your private deck/balcony, rooftop or by the river while reading a book

read a book at glerock

Bird/butterfly/chameleon watching

Take a minute off your stay at the glenrock and stroll down the mountain paths of Ulugalathenna(Tile rock valley). Dip your eyes and imagination at the winged beauty of colorful butterflies and various birds and the variety of chameleons which are rare to see in most parts of Sri Lanka. Belihuloya is a natural home for some endemic birds of Sri Lanka. Due to the eco friendly atmosphere of the hotel, these birds and butterflies could be seen from close.

animals at glerock

Therapy by the river

Immerse yourself in our signature therapies, bask in the sense and smells of pure nature, while soothing and uplifting your mind, body and soul to obtain absolute calmness and peace. Now with the facility of in-room therapies, it is bound to be an unforgettable experience. Following therapies are offered:

  • Physical therapy on tired, stressed and stiff muscles
  • Visual therapy on the mind through the eyes
  • Audible therapy on the mind through the ears and feel the difference.

Stone walk foot therapy

Pamper your feet and stimulate your nerve ends with the cooling stones tingling beneath your skin by taking a walk through our stone walkway. Feel the friendly touch that your feet have always been yearning for, and connect your body to the earth.

stone walk foot therapy

Play a game of chess

It is the best peaceful atmosphere for complete concentration, for a game of chess with your partner while you are surrounded by the luxuries of nature


Enjoy an outdoor barbecue

You are always welcome to a steaming BBQ  dining area or by the riverside indulging with the nature and cooling waters.(charges apply)

Cooking Lessons

 Learn how to cook village style Sri Lankan rice and curry from our experienced chef. And of course,enjoy the meal you cooked.
Take home the skill and impress your friends/relations with such rare skill with a mouth watering meal.
Cooking your own rice and curry meal ( for two persons) -US$ 40
** Not available if the kitchen/ staff is too busy

Star gazing

In a clear night, you will be amazed to see the volume as well as the clarity of the stars, Star Gazing can be done at the three point junction or in the middle of the road that leads to inner village. The difference is the unpolluted atmosphere where there are no particles or smoke getting in the way between your eye and the star.

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