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Inside Village

Rabbit Rock

Ha gala known as the rabbit rock (1400m) located in Belihul oya bordering the Horton plain’s national park is a hike available in close proximity to the hotel.  This hike is a less travelled path which is off the beaten tracks where you can experience a view so exquisite once you reach the summit of the rabbit rock. A hotel guide will be provided to lead you through the journey to and from the rabbit rock where you will pass the likes of tea estates, cooling forests which will be a hike approximately of 4hrs.

Natural Pool on the River

While the pool is not a huge one, it has a deep corner( 6.5 feet) and a shallow area( around 4 feet) and ideal for a good dip to sooth your body and soul. Also a short swim is also possible with a deep end corner too( dimensions are given below).
* Natural pool is sometimes shared by the villagers

Natural Water Therapy , Natural Jacuzi/spa on the river

Position yourself between boulders or lie down in a shallow pond on the river to give your body the effect of a spa therapy or massage and this comes naturally with the cooling effect that soothes your body and with a massage effect ‘free of charge’ ( there are many such ‘Natural jacuzi/spa’ spots giving you a relaxing ‘ Natural water therapy’ ).


Fish Therapy on the river

It is believed that the fish can stimulate acupuncture points and help regulate the nervous system, relax the body and release fatigue.
(Not available during extreme weather condition Or high water flows)

Gaze to infinity

Gaze at the majesty of the mountains surrounding the property as the mist kisses and graze the mountain tops. Be inspired by the nature’s wonders in its true formation at the glenrock where nature meets luxury in a mountainous backdrop

Walk inside or just outside the hotel

Take a stroll just outside the hotel, only few meters and see the photogenic mountain ranges in different angles, experience a simple lifestyle of the villager, especially the simple pleasures of life they enjoy such as freshest air, purest water, natural work out from their day to day activities, and the simplicity. You will get to see rice fields, bean and tomato fields and how the farming is done in conventional ways such as conventional water management, planting rice each plant by hand, or harvesting, preparing the fields for next cultivation etc. Also, you may see wildlife such as mongoose, monkeys, chameleons, cows, bird’s butterflies and sometimes even hawks hanging around the hotel and the vicinity.
⚹ Please note that all activities excluding the barbecues , spa therapies and excursions ( other than two village excursions , Pahanthudawa Falls and Walk to the ancient cave temple ) are included in the room rate


If you are into fishing, we can provide you with a fishing rod, an assistant and transport to the lake which is about 10 km drive.
Charges – $ 60 (per couple or family)

Free Village Tours

Pahantudawa Falls tour with guidethe glenrock provides a free tour with a guide to the Pahantudawa Falls, a marvelous creation of nature in a mini canyon like geographical setting nowhere can be seen in Sri Lanka, located about 1.5 km from the hotel (Involves a somewhat adventurous, challenging short climb walk)


Walk to the ancient Buddhist temple in the village with guidethe glenrock provides a free tour with a guide to the village’s ancient temple. The temple has a history that runs back to 1521-1581 A.D. and the walk to the temple is through beautiful paddy fields and the friendly welcoming breeze that blow through. ( Unpaved muddy path and possible leech bites)
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