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+94 76 9205305 | info@theglenrock.com

Outside Village

Use the the glenrock as your base to experience the best destinations Sri Lanka has to offer. From a hike through the hazy mountain range that is World’s End to a safari through the Udawalwae National Park the glenrock provides guided tours and transport for a memorable excursion.

(Excursions are subject to weather conditions and permission from the wildlife authorities, as we at the glenrock put your safety first) the glenrock may suggest unique packages to suit your needs.

World's End & Horton Plains

Horton Plains is a beautiful and silent spot with excellent hikes by the shadows of Sri Lanka’s second and third-highest mountains, Kirigalpotta and Totapola.

Adam’s Peak Hike

Located in a beautiful area of the southern Hill Country, this lofty peak has sparked the imagination for centuries and been a focus for pilgrimage for more than 1000 years.

Udawalawe National Park & Elephant Safari

Udawalawe is a protected area where Sri Lankan Elephants are free to roam, and are seen in large herds. Leopards, herds of buffaloes and a range of other flora and fauna can be seen in abundance.

Devil's Staircase

The Devil’s Staircase is a 10 km route in Ohiya that passes through scenic landscapes before ending up in Bambarakanda

Ha Gala (Rabbit Rock) Hike

Rabbit Rock/ Hagala as it is known by the locals with a height of 1500 m lies bordering the Horton Plains National Park.